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Released August 8, 2019

Notable Bug Fixes

Estimates that expire can be revived by editing them and changing their due date. Previously, they could not be revived and had to be re-created once expired.

Feature Additions

HVAC Systems / Equipment

You may now add HVAC systems with included equipment to a property including details about the system and each component making up the system – condenser, air handler, evaporator, gas furnace, humidifier and return return grills. Record the make, model, serial number and filter sizes for equipment for easy reference.

Advanced Tax Logic

Some companies are in the unfortunate situation of having to collect taxes at different rates depending on where the job is located and which items are sold on that job. Each item in your price book can be configured to automatically apply the correct combination of tax rates for each Tax Area you work in. On your Estimates, Work Orders and Invoices, you set the appropriate tax area and Fieldstone uses the proper rates to calculate the taxes for you.

Hide Line Prices on PDFs

If you prefer not to include the pricing details of every line on you estimates, work orders and invoices when sending them to customers, now, you can turn those off on PDFs. When this is enabled, the PDF will include the sub-total, applicable taxes and a total amount but will not include pricing details for every line item.

Work Authorization

Once you arrive at a customer location and figure out what it’s going to take to fix their issues, you typically add some products and services to the work order. With this feature enabled, Fieldstone will allow you to document the customer’s approval of items on the work order with a signature. The customer simply signs your custom approval statement with their finger and their approval will be recorded on the work order. In addition to signing to authorize work, with this option turned enabled, you can also have the customer sign a custom “decline” statement if they choose not to accept items on the work order. Any unauthorized items on the Work Order will not be copied to the Invoice with this option enabled.

Work Acceptance

Once work is completed, you may want the customer to sign a statement indicating their acceptance of the completed work and perhaps the general state of how you left their property.  When enabled, you can have the customer sign this statement to be documented on the Work Order for future reference if needed.

Technician Acceptance

Similar to a customer’s acceptance of work performed, you may want your technicians to sign a statement that they have completed the work in a professional manor. You are able to customize the statement they agree to and enable or disable this feature in Fieldstone. If you like all the T’s crossed and I’s dotted in case of future trouble, you’ll want to enable this feature.

Estimate Overviews

When preparing an estimate, often times you need to include details that don’t necessarily fit in the line items of the estimate. For those details, you can now include an overview on your estimate that details whatever you would like about the estimate. The overview can be nicely formatted with headers and bold or italics fonts and more.

Formatted Price Book Descriptions

The items in your price book are used to quickly create Estimates, Work Orders and Invoices. You are now able to format their descriptions to make them easier to read on your documents.

Price Book Categories

Fieldstone now supports categories in the price book to keep you organized. You can add as many as you’d like and the same item can be in multiple categories at once. The categories are also searchable when adding items to Estimates, Work Orders and Invoices.

Price Book Import and Export

You may now export your price book to a CSV file that you can edit outside of Fieldstone then import back into Fieldstone when you’re finished. When exporting, if not specified by you, Fieldstone gives each item a unique Code in the export file. When importing, Fieldstone merges any changes you have made to the item with the existing item in your price book. If you do not include a unique Code for the item when importing, Fieldstone will add it to your price book.  We also include a sample file you can use to get started building your price book.

Price Book Auto-Add

You can now specify that an item in your price book be automatically added to an Estimate, Work Order or Invoice when they’re created. If you have a dispatch fee that always gets added to your Work Orders, there’s no need to manually add it any more. Just set it to be automatically added in your price book and will automatically be added when you create the document.

Financial Summaries

On every Estimate, Work Order and Invoice, you will now have the option to view a financial summary. The summary includes acquisition and purchase cost details as well as shows your markup and margin. Use it to be sure you’re hitting your financial goals on every job. The summary is hidden behind a button by default in case you use Fieldstone in front of customers.

Estimate, Work Order and Invoice Reports

You may now choose a date range and view a listing of all Estimates, Work Orders and Invoices (separately) organized by their status and including a sum total of their financial totals. You can download these reports as a PDF as an easy way to coordinate your business financials with your book keeper.

Policy and Legal

You may now include your cancelation, payment, and warranty policy as well as your full terms and conditions in Fieldstone. The cancellation policy is included on work orders and emailed appointment reminders. The payment policy is included on invoices. The warranty policy is included on work orders and invoices. All policies and the full terms and conditions are included on a public policy and legal page that your customers can access without a login. A link to that page is included in all Email communications from Fieldstone to your customers.

Trial Accounts

Fieldstone now offers a no-obligation, no credit card, 14 day trial period. To continue using Fieldstone after the trial expires, transition to a paid plan. The Early Adopter plan is still available!

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