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The Early Adopter Program

Are you a stickler for details? Unhappy with other products you’ve tried? Never used software to help you manage your HVAC business? Willing to help in exchange for some great benefits? The early adopter program might be perfect for you!

The early adopter program is designed to reward members long term for helping us in our early stages of building and growing Fieldstone.

How are members rewarded?

They get every feature we offer in Fieldstone, direct access to the founder for questions or suggestions, introductory pricing and a lifetime price lock for as long as they keep their account.

What do we ask in return?

We ask members of the early adopter program to give us great feedback – tell us what they like, what they hate and what they’d like to see added. We also ask early adopters to help us grow by providing honest testimonials about their experience and referrals to other businesses that would benefit from using Fieldstone.

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