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Introducing the easiest to use Field Service Managment solution available.

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Features You Need


Make the best scheduling decisions with Fieldstone Travel Aware Scheduling.

We use availability combined with up to date travel estimates to help you make the best scheduling decisions.

SMS & Email

Save time, fuel and frustration by keeping everyone in the loop.

1 Week, 1 Day and On the Way client reminders avoid no shows and keep your business professional.

Staff reminders are also included.

Property & Clients

Client and Property information is central to your business.

Fieldstone keeps up with all of it in a powerful and flexible way.

Price Book

Eliminate regular calls back to the office for pricing information.

Store it in the price book instead where the whole company can easily look it up and add it to work orders and invoices.

Work Orders

Work Orders are what service is all about – completing jobs.  Add notes, photos, track status, import from Email and more.

Fieldstone has very powerful Work Orders.


Once the work is complete, create an invoice with 1 click from the Work Order or make one any time.

Easily keep tabs on the payment status of your invoices and outstanding client balances.

Staff Roles

Different roles in your business have different areas of concern.

Fieldstone highlights what they should be focused on and also limits them from seeing and doing things outside their role.

Staff Status Tracking

Your Staff is your product.  Having real time information on their status as well as a historical record is invaluable.

Fieldstone keeps you aware and in control of your business productivity.

Remarkable Support

Operating a Service Business can get very complicated, very quickly.

Fieldstone is a critical system for your business operations.  You need support you can count on and we are here when you need us.

Without Complexity
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A Message from JR

Welcome!  Thank you for coming.

Starting and growing a service business can be a daunting task.  The last thing you need are tools that are so complicated they slow you down.

I created Fieldstone to be the easiest to use field service management software available so you can spend less of your time doing paperwork and more of your time doing what you love.

The current version of Fieldstone is the result of in-depth research combined with over 15 years of software development experience sprinkled with some GREAT feedback from many of you.  Even after all of that, I can not promise it will be perfect for you.

What I can promise you is that your voice will be heard louder than anyone else and that you will have the most impact on changes and improvements made to Fieldstone.

Don’t miss out on a great oppurtunity to help shape a great tool for your business.

Join today as an Early Adopter!

JR Lawhorne
Fieldstone Service Management