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Fieldstone is a simple and powerful new service management tool that will help you streamline your day and make the most out of every customer interaction. It’s an integrated system that is designed specifically for small to medium size companies or for lone wolves working alone. This integrated platform will allow you to stay organized and make sure that your customers are receiving important documents and notifications when you’re on the move. You’ll spend less time worried about what’s next and more time doing the jobs that make you money. Here are a few of the ways that this software will make a difference in the way you manage your business day to day:

  • Easy to use scheduling that you can access from anywhere and from multiple devices.
  • Automatic text or voice message lead time notifications for your customers so they are reminded about their appointment days in advance and know when you’re on the way the day of the appointment.
  • An integrated database that connects you to your customer’s important information.
  • A workflow system to help you manage your sales leads, estimates, work orders, and invoices that automatically distributes them via email to customers and/or staff so that everyone is in the loop and projects are always moving forward.

Fieldstone is being built from scratch to be the most powerful and simplest to use on the market.  We also promise top notch customer service to help you get started as well as answer questions along the way.

Fieldstone is not yet available to the public. If you are interested in participating in the beta, click here to sign up.



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